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Tungsten hexafluoride, a colorless gas or light yellow liquid, solid as a deliquescent white crystals,
smoke in the humid air. Mainly used for chemical vapor deposition of tungsten, is used as a fluorinating agent.
Tungsten hexafluoride at different temperatures as a colorless, transparent liquid or gas odorless,
whose molecules have symmetrical octahedral structure at room temperature. Tungsten hexafluoride
is a strong fluorinating agent, with the exception of nickel, Monel and stainless steel, can make a lot of
metal fluoride at room temperature. In the dry state of corrosion of the glass is weak, but in the moisture
can respond quickly. Tungsten hexafluoride and ionic halide complex compound may be formed at a high
 temperature can be reduced to hydrogen tungsten. Tungsten hexafluoride water quickly hydrolyzed to
quickly generate hydrogen fluoride (HF), and tungsten trioxide, tungsten hexafluoride and therefore toxicity
with HF in the air is substantially the same.

Fujian Deer Technology Company Ltd. 

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